Saturday, April 3, 2010

Poem from September of 2009


This is one of mine. I wrote it last year while going through a lot of difficult things. This is the longest piece I've written. Feel free to comment your thoughts and opinions. I am sure I'm not the only one to feel something like this.
FYI: This orchid is a picture I took while vacationing in the mountains of Bannor Elk, North Carolina. The orchid, much like the rose, is considered a symbol of love. The darker, mysterial colors seemed to fit this particular work.

Two daggers to my soul!
Thrust so carelessly without thought
Or count for cost.

Laughingly tossed aside
If only to tease and return again.

Ah! how the light plays on those twin blades
As they feint and dance.
Seeking, finding
Mine own checked and safely kept askance.

Eden! what light is this
That captivates my every thought
Without room for breath.

Forbidden fruit? Hardly so sweet
As one might think.
Eat, and succumb to soul's certain death.

For where such warmth might lead
I feel a certain dread;
For every dream I fabricate
I pull a darkened thread.

The fabric of my dreams undone
Surrenders at the seams.
And hands of lead weave quietly
Weeping for what no one sees.

Threads wanting of even loss
Withdrawn to shape my veil.
Shelter found, dark and cold
Hiding that which I cannot hold.

You there, and I here
Walking along the line
Separating us from
Everything that we must never find.

The shadows cast--
Is all we have
Yet priceless treasure still.
This dubious cup I drink deep--
Forced to find my fill.

Yet if that light were poison to me
Then darkness must be my shield.
And so the hated veil once loathed
Proves sole weapon left to wield.

I dare not forsake my armour
Lets sudden light leave me blinded
-- And stumbling,
I find myself a fool.


Krishana said...

This poem has an epic quality about it. I am amazed by the gentle ebb and flow yet firm depth of this piece and so wonderfully taunting.. even mysterious. Thank you for sharing this.

J. Tabithia said...

Thank you, Krishana. Your kind comments are appreciated.

be not blind said...

This is good stuff! I especially liked:

Two daggers to my soul!
Thrust so carelessly without thought
Or count for cost.