Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Bad Dreams" by Robert Browning

"Last night I saw you in my sleep:
And how your charm of face was changed!
I asked, “Some love, some faith you keep?”
You answered, “Faith gone, love estranged.”

Whereat I woke, a twofold bliss:
Waking was one, but next there came
This other: “Though I felt, for this,
My heart break, I loved on the same.”"

Something strange happened to me about a week ago. I had a dream about Mike, the friend I wrote about in the last post. This poem describes the gist of it exactly but I had never before seen this poem until the very morning after I had the dream. I was looking through one of my books by Browning and this poem I had never noticed before just opened right up to the page this was on. I know it had to be coincidence but it felt so strange and left me feeling haunted afterward. So now I'm putting it "out there" which somehow makes it better.