Saturday, April 3, 2010

More Poetry...

These are my most recent pieces. They are much shorter and I have enjoyed discovering the technique of saying everything I need in only a few lines. The second of the two I wrote just yesterday while sitting on my front porch enjoying the warmth of the sun and the perfume of hyacinths in our front garden. I truly hope my readers can take something from these pieces.
This picture is another one I took. It is a rose that has only partially opened and has not yet had the chance to fully bloom. Once again, I felt this picture reflected some elements within these poems.


I'd say I lost you,
But I never had you
--Instead I lost myself.


As a child you were told
Of the piece of silver worth a hundred gold;
More the pain of losing you
Than the thousand souls I never knew.


Susannah said...

"I'd say I lost you,
But I never had you
--Instead I lost myself."

Wonderful, so much summed up in those three lines, I look forward to reading more of your writing. :-)

Such a beautiful photo of the Rose too.

J. Tabithia said...

Thank you, Susannah. That is very generous of you. It is always good to get feedback from other writers.

be not blind said...

I agree with Susannah, those lines are really great!